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10 day instrument rating training

As a freelance flight instructor I offer 10-day instrument rating training, tailored to busy professionals and aircraft owners. I can provide training on location and using your own airplane if desired.

Accelerated instrument rating program:

You will learn all aspects of instrument flying, including pre-flight planning, departure, enroute, arrival and approach procedures. You will also learn how to deal with a variety of situations and contingencies from an instructor with real-world instrument flying experience.

Instrument flying using advanced avionics:

Instead of learning the bare minimums required to take your checkride in a 30-year old airplane with dual VORs, I am committed to teaching students to be proficient in the use advanced avionics. Depending on the equipment installed in your airplane, your instrument rating training will include training in:

Garmin 1000 PFD Garmin 1000 PFD
Garmin 1000 MFD Garmin 1000 MFD

FAA instrument rating training in Europe:

The main reason many pilots in Europe fly on FAA licenses is the extra time and cost of the instrument rating in Europe. I am frequently in Europe for ferry flights and can do FAA instrument rating training on location in Europe if desired. This will have the benefit of learning the European ATC system as well as the US instrument rating. You will still need to take the flight test in the US and comply with US TSA security requirements. Please contact me for details.

My training experience:

The reality is that many CFI's are flight instructors only by default, it happens to be a necessary 6-18 month step in their career path to the regional airlines. In my case teaching is something I enjoy doing, I have taught in many different settings and with a high degree of student satisfaction. In addition to flight training I was training coordinator for a short time at GE's premier jet engine facility and have taught in formal classroom setting at a US-Peruvian bi-national center.

I have real-world instrument flight experience in many types of airplanes, including international experience in Europe and over the North Atlantic. I am proficient with many current advanced avionics such IFR GPSs, integrated autopilots and glass cockpits.

10 day instrument rating cost:

While not difficult when given the proper training, neither flying an airplane on instruments nor instrument procedures are intuitive. If you visit your local flight school two or three times per month you will soon find yourself re-learning the same things you practiced only a month or two earlier. Instrument rating training is much more effective when conducted in a dedicated course, so you can focus on continuously improving your skill level instead of re-learning the basics every other week.

10-day accelerated instrument rating training:

Cost does not include examiner fee (~$350) which is payable directly to the FAA designated examiner, or travel expenses if conducted on location.

In addition to a complete 10-day instrument rating program I can also help students with prior training finish their instrument rating, on a case-by-case basis.