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Flight training

If established flight schools don't fit your flight training needs, a freelance flight instructor (CFI) may be a better solution for you. As a mature professional and independent flight instructor, I can provide training in your own airplane, at your location and on your schedule.

Freelance flight instructor:

As CFI (CFII/MEI) I am licensed to conduct all levels of flight training, and I have achieved an excellent first-time pass ratio on FAA checkrides. As a freelance instructor I cater to professionals who seek accelerated training or training in their own airplane.

Training experience:

The reality is that many CFI's are flight instructors only by default, it happens to be a necessary 6-18 month step in their career path to the regional airlines. In my case teaching is something I enjoy doing, I have taught in many different settings and with a high degree of student satisfaction. In addition to real-world flight experience in many types of airplanes, I have a strong teaching / training background in both formal and informal settings. I was training coordinator for a short time at GE's premier jet engine facility and have taught in formal classroom setting at a US-Peruvian bi-national center.