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I’m a freelance ferry pilot available for ferry flights and aircraft deliveries worldwide. I have experience in many types of aircraft and in most areas of the world. More importantly, I'm professional and have a strong focus on safety, reliability and customer satisfaction. I can be available on short notice if needed.

I can provide all services to complete your ferry flight in a safe, fully compliant and expedient manner. Services include: ferry pilot / safety pilot, flight planning, overflight and landing permits, ferry tanking, required survival gear, etc.

Why hire a professional ferry pilot?

A professional ferry pilot gives you a margin of comfort over an off-duty airline or corporate pilot. As a freelance pilot I can dedicate my entire time to your needs and I do not have to plan my schedule around a "day job". This can be a critical advantage when running into unexpected weather or maintenance delays during a flight. I will not leave your airplane until the job is done!

If you are looking for a ferry pilot, please contact me to discuss your mission.