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Atlantic ferry flights via Kuujjuaq airport (CYVP).

Kuujjuaq airport (CYVP) in Nunavut, Northern Canada, is a good stop for ferry flights taking the far northern route across the North Atlantic. From Kuujjuaq you can reach Sondre Stromfjord in Greenland or continue to other Nunavut airports such as CYFB or CYVM if you don't have enough range to go direct to Sondre Stromfjord.

CYVP has a long concrete runway with good instrument approaches, as well as a shorter gravel runway. There's a flight service station on the field, for weather and flight planning you go up to the first floor in the tower. Kuujjuaq airport normally has both jet and avgas (100LL) available, but avgas is sold only by the drum.

There are a handful of scheduled commercial flights into Kuujjuaq daily. In the town there are 2 hotels I believe.

Kuujjuaq airport (CYVP), Canada Kuujjuaq airport (CYVP), Canada

Typical Atlantic ferry flight routes through Kuujuaq:

Kuujjuaq airport resources:


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