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Atlantic ferry flights via Iqaluit airport (CYFB).

Iqaluit is the largest community and busiest airport on Baffin Island, Northern Canada. Iqaluit airport (CYFB) is a typical stop for North Atlantic ferry flights along the far northern route. From Iqaluit via Sondre Stromfjord (Greenland) and on to Iceland and Scotland you can cross the North Atlantic safely in airplane with 800 nm range.

Iqaluit airport's runway 17/35 is 8,600 feet and there are several instrument approaches including an ILS/DME. There is a fair amount of regular airline traffic at Iqaluit.

Both Jet and Avgas (100LL) are normally available at CYFB, but avgas is available in drums only and you have to buy the entire drum. This past year the airport ran out of avgas due to higher than expected useage, and the airport was only re-supplied when the summer shipping season opened.

Typical Atlantic ferry flight routes through Iqaluit:

CYFB is usually the final (or first) stop in Canada along the "far northern" Atlantic ferry flight route. This is the route I prefer to fly on Atlantic ferry flights in single engine airplanes. No ferry tank is required in most airplanes, and HF radio is also not required. You stay close to airports at all times and can maintain VHF radio contact practically the entire way.

far northern atlantic ferry flight route through bgsf Far Northern Atlantic ferry flight route through BGSF

Iqaluit airport resources:


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