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Atlantic ferry flights via Kulusuk airport (BGKK).

Kulusuk airport (BGKK) is located on the East Coast of Greenland, it is a fairly common fuel stop for general aviation aircraft on North Atlantic ferry flights. Kulusuk is a good stop if you're taking the far northern route across the Atlantic.

Kulusuk airport's runway 11/29 is 3,934 feet gravel, but (as of last time I was there) in good condition. There's an NDB approach down to 890 feet. Kulusuk has no tower control but the AFIS / flight information folks are really good. For weather and flight planning you go up to the tower. Jet fuel and avgas 100LL are normally available at Kulusuk.

Typical Atlantic ferry flight routes through Kulusuk:

In single engine airplanes I prefer this "far northern" Atlantic ferry flight route. In most aircraft you don't need a ferry tank to safely cross the Atlantic via this route. HF radio is not required and you can maintain VHF radio contact practically the entire way. (Map courtesy of Great Circle Mapper)

far northern atlantic ferry flight route Far Northern Atlantic ferry flight route through BGKK

Keep in mind there are essentially no alternate airports on the East Coast of Greenland. If you're unable to land at Kulusuk, the nearest alternates are BGSF, BGBW and BIKF. I only fly to BGKK if I am positively sure that I have enough range to divert to BGSF or BIKF, and in light aircraft I only flight plan to BGKK when the weather is forecast to be essentially VFR.

You also need to be able to climb above the Greenland icecap, minimum 12,000 feet on a calm day and preferably higher. If you can't achieve a safe altitude over the icecap, you can always fly BGSF - BGBW - BGKK around the southern tip of Greenland, and sort of take the scenic route so to speak :)

Kulusuk airport BGKK runway 11/29

on final for runway 11 at kulusuk airport bgkk On a high final to runway 11 at Kulusuk airport (BGKK)
Kulusuk airport, Greenland (BGKK) Kulusuk airport, Greenland (BGKK)

In the picture on the left I goofed and stayed up too high for too long over the Greenland icecap, and we ended up on a high final for runway 11 at BGKK. We were able to correct to a reasonably stabilized approach on short final though.

Like all Greenland airports, Kulusuk is open limited hours (8:30 - 16:45 local last I checked) and closed on Sundays. If you're willing to pay the overtime charges, they will open the airport up for you after hours, but I believe this is rather expensive.


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