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Airplane import export

Perhaps more than any other product, business and personal airplanes are still predominantly manufactured in the USA. If you are looking to buy a late model, US manufactured aircraft such as Cessna, Piper, Cirrus or Mooney, it often makes sense to purchase your airplane (new or used) directly in the US.

If you're considering buying an airplane in the USA for export to your home country, I can complete all the necessary steps to export and deliver your airplane, including:

I specialize in late-model, glass cockpit and TKS equipped aircraft such as:

Cessna 182 delivered to Germany Cessna 182 delivered from USA to Germany
Piper Archer III delivered to Switzerland Piper Archer III delivered from USA to Switzerland

More pictures on my flying blog.

Special consideration for import of aircraft to Europe:

If you are buying an airplane in the USA for import to Europe, I can assist with specific requirements for importing an aircraft to Europe / the EU:

The above items are important for anyone considering exporting an airplane from the USA to Europe. Operational requirements in the USA are different from Europe, so it is likely that any airplane exported to Europe will require some of the above modifications. For example, newer airplanes in the USA usually don't have some of the legacy systems like DME and ADF that are still required in Europe, and older airplanes in the US typically don't have mode-S or 406Mhz ELT which are now required in Europe but not yet in the US.

It is also important to keep in mind that your airplane must meet the operational requirements of the countries you fly in, not just the country where the airplane is registered. In other words, even if you plan to keep your airplane on US FAA N-registration, you still need to comply with the above items.

I can also manage for you the completion of any airplane upgrades or retrofits that may be desirable for operation in your home country, such as installation of TKS anti-icing, retrofit of glass cockpits (Garmin, King, Avidyne, Aspen) or installation of the new Garmin GTN650 / GTN750 with the much improved user interface.

FAA N-registration for export and overseas operation:

If you are buying an N-registered aircraft for export with the intention of registering the airplane in your home country, I can provide (as your export agent) legal N-registration for the flight home as well as (via an FAA DAR) an FAA Export Certificate of Airworthiness (Export CofA).

If you are planning to keep the airplane N-registered, I can assist with the setup of a trust which allows legal N-registration for foreign owned/operated aircraft for indefinite period of time.

NOTE: Please keep in mind you must have a valid aircraft registration at all times. The temporary FAA registration (pink copy) is not valid for international flight. Additionally, some people falsely believe they can fly with the registration certificate of the previous owner, which is not true. If you have any questions/concerns please contact me and I will be happy to assist with the airplane registration.

Airplane delivery and Atlantic ferry flights:

As an experienced ferry pilot I can assist with airplane delivery worldwide. I can either fly with you as safety pilot (in most aircraft) or fly your airplane "home" for you. I can help with aircraft deliveries from or to the USA, Europe, the Middle East, India, etc.

I can provide all necessary services for safe and expedient North Atlantic ferry flights, including:

Piper Seneca BGSF Sondre Stromfjord Piper Seneca at Sondre Stromfjord during Atlantic ferry flight
Landing at BIEG Egilsstadir Iceland Landing at Egilsstadir, Iceland (BIEG)

About me:

How can I help you in the purchase of your new airplane?

If you are considering buying an airplane in the USA, please feel free to contact me to discuss how I can be of assistance. I will be glad to provide references of previous customers and answer any questions you may have.