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We can provide N-registration for your aircraft during the export and ferry flight. It is vitally important to maintain valid registration of your aircraft at all times during the ferry flight. All too often we have seen buyers run into problems because they relied on incorrect advice with regard to aircraft registration. Please keep in mind when you "close" the sale of your aircraft, the registration in name of the previous owner is no longer valid.

If US registration of your aircraft is needed during the ferry flight and the buyer is not a "US citizen" as defined by the FAA, we can provide valid N-registration using a "trust" of which the buyer is the beneficiary. A "trust" is the only fully legal and compliant procedure for valid N-registration of aircraft owned by "non US citizens" as defined by the FAA. By using a "trust", N-registration can be maintained indefinitely if so desired, even while the aircraft is owned by a "non US citizen" and based outside the USA.

Please contact us if you require assistance with N-registration or any other part of the aircraft export.