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In most cases, an Export Certificate of Airworthiness (export CofA) will be required prior to exporting your airplane. The purpose of the export CofA is to show the airplane is currently airworthy as defined in the exporting country AND it meets any additional requirements of the importing country. We can provide an export CofA for most aircraft via authorized FAA DAR (Designated Airworthiness Representative).

Depending on the type and age of the airplane, the requirements of the importing country can vary from trivial to very expensive. For example, most US based general aviation aircraft will need a dual millibar / "Hg altimeter prior to export. More complicated issues could exists if an airplane has been modified in accordance with STCs that may not have been validated by the CAA in the destination country. Many countries also have more stringent aircraft maintenance requirements than the USA, for example, in some countries engine overhaul periods are mandatory based on manufacturer's recommendations of calendar time as well as engine time in service.

We are happy to utilize our aviation maintenance expertise to advise customers during the export process.