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We can complete avionics or other upgrades before exporting your airplane. Avionics upgrades may be mandated by equipment requirements in the country of destination. Typical upgrades for export are:

In many countries avionics requirements are different than in the USA. For example, most older aircraft in the USA may not be equipped with a 406MHz ELT or mode-S transponder as they are not yet required. Newer aircraft are most likely not equipped with traditional ADF or DME as GPS navigation has now been substituted. Keep in mind that your airplane must meet the operational requirements of the countries you fly in, not just the country where the airplane is registered. In other words, even if you plan to keep your airplane on N-registration, you still need to comply with the requirements of the countries you fly in.

In addition to avionics, we can also provide other upgrades such as TKS anti-icing (if available for your airplane) or airplane refurbishment prior to export. We only work with certified and reliable shops. Because the cost of general aviation services is typically lower in the US than in the destination country, we recommend doing any work or upgrades desired prior to exporting your aircraft.